#MobilePhotography: Fall Photos from an Android

Monday, November 21, 2011

Mobile Photography is a growing movement of artistic creation to be respected as a medium of creativity and instant journalism. There are numerous blogs, photo sites and mobile applications covering the iPhoneography world and variations of mobile photography. However, there are Android phones on the market that take exceptional photos and also have editing apps that give a plain smartphone photograph a look worthy of exhibition and print. Instagram is a tremendous photo tool to share ordinary daily photos or stunning images that make you question: "Was that REALLY taken on a phone?!" This is amazing for the mobile photographer!

There are countless mobile photos appearing from iPhone and Androids. The defining factor is not the phone itself, but how the images are taken and if edited 100% on a mobile device. Taking great mobile photos to document your day, your family gatherings, or that night out with friends is cool, its real life. Taking great images with a specific view, creative composition and artistic expression is what grabs a viewers attention. The Android phones out there are capable of creating "droidography" that is both breathtaking and exceptional if the eye behind that mobile lens is thinking like an artist.

A few images provided below taken on an Android HTC EVO3D that represent some of the creative work produced on the go. Different mobile editing applications used to to get the final result, essentially making it true mobile photography.


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