PhotoVine Mobile Photo App: The Google+ Sleeper?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Could it be there is a mobile photo app coming to a G+ near you? PhotoVine is a mobile photo app and social network. The focus has been on the fact its part of Slide, which was acquired by Google back in August 2010. The video shows how you could create and share photos around a theme, similar to using hashtags on Twitter. It functions like a community photo scene and you watch it grow based on your friends interpretations of the topic! This adds a circle of entertainment and fun to mobile photo sharing. Social Media Photography is growing with technology thanks to developers that “get it” on the social end. Google+ Circles and photo sharing could benefit from an app like Photovine since its based on focused groups and sharing.

Below: the Warm and Fuzzy video from Photovine. Stop by their site and request your invite. If you are already using the app, leave your thoughts in the comments and give us a “cool kid” opinion.

A version of the Official Video provided below.

[Update: The Photovine Project has been canceled, see The Next Web article]


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