Lifestyle Portrait with Dr. Nicole Cutts


An opportunity to do a headshot is excitement! Being able to do lifestyle photos on location creates a unique experience and connection between photographer and the client. Working with Dr. Nicole Cutts proved to be an amazing experience.

Dr. Cutts is not only a business owner, she is an artist and a success coach. She has her own style and lives her brand to the fullest! The preliminary shoot called for viewing the space to check lighting, colors and persona. A successful open discussion over coffee revealed Dr. Cutts is not self-centered but driven and focused. She asked me some pertinent questions, such as: "Are you living your vision?" This is energy I used in the photo shoot to capture not just her interesting looks, but also to highlight the the fact  she is living her vision, her complete lifestyle is prevalent in personality, business actions and personal motivations.

Meet Dr. Nicole Cutts, PhD of Cutts Consulting and Vision Quest Retreats!

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Event Photography: Bar Mitzvah Fun Times


I do event photography all the time around the DC, Maryland and Virginia area including: private parties, corporate events, tech events, fundraisers, and fashion events. Adding to the list of unique event photography, I had the pleasure of shooting a post-ceremony Bar Mitzvah and completely enjoyed the celebration! Its a special moment in a young person's life to reach an age physically and spiritually and have family and friends celebrate the occasion! The event production included live music, fun green screen photography, several courses of food for both kids and adults and a true focus on the young man growing up.

#MobilePhotography: Fall Photos from an Android


Mobile Photography is a growing movement of artistic creation to be respected as a medium of creativity and instant journalism. There are numerous blogs, photo sites and mobile applications covering the iPhoneography world and variations of mobile photography. However, there are Android phones on the market that take exceptional photos and also have editing apps that give a plain smartphone photograph a look worthy of exhibition and print. Instagram is a tremendous photo tool to share ordinary daily photos or stunning images that make you question: "Was that REALLY taken on a phone?!" This is amazing for the mobile photographer!

There are countless mobile photos appearing from iPhone and Androids. The defining factor is not the phone itself, but how the images are taken and if edited 100% on a mobile device. Taking great mobile photos to document your day, your family gatherings, or that night out with friends is cool, its real life. Taking great images with a specific view, creative composition and artistic expression is what grabs a viewers attention. The Android phones out there are capable of creating "droidography" that is both breathtaking and exceptional if the eye behind that mobile lens is thinking like an artist.

A few images provided below taken on an Android HTC EVO3D that represent some of the creative work produced on the go. Different mobile editing applications used to to get the final result, essentially making it true mobile photography.

PhotoVine Mobile Photo App: The Google+ Sleeper?


Could it be there is a mobile photo app coming to a G+ near you? PhotoVine is a mobile photo app and social network. The focus has been on the fact its part of Slide, which was acquired by Google back in August 2010. The video shows how you could create and share photos around a theme, similar to using hashtags on Twitter. It functions like a community photo scene and you watch it grow based on your friends interpretations of the topic! This adds a circle of entertainment and fun to mobile photo sharing. Social Media Photography is growing with technology thanks to developers that “get it” on the social end. Google+ Circles and photo sharing could benefit from an app like Photovine since its based on focused groups and sharing.

Below: the Warm and Fuzzy video from Photovine. Stop by their site and request your invite. If you are already using the app, leave your thoughts in the comments and give us a “cool kid” opinion.

A version of the Official Video provided below.

[Update: The Photovine Project has been canceled, see The Next Web article]

A Day At The Beach: Ocean Waves


The ocean is one part of nature that is always fluid and ever moving in a forward direction. The power of the water can bring you to the edge of life's end, take you to far away places of pure beauty or bring you a feeling of peace. The latest trip to the beach with family and friends brought me to an inner circle of clarity. Watching the waves swell and crash into the sand or crawl the sand seeking its end was like watching the spirit of life roll in full strength. Waves of the ocean tell their own story if you see them the right way.

Mobile Photography: Creative Daily Scenes


I have my mobile phone with me all the time, a Blackberry at the time of writing. Of course I would rather have the iPhone or Android to be part of the cool kids group using the snazzy mobile photo apps. However, I do have other options to play with my mobile photos. These are a few images of things I may see in day around town.

HDR Photography At Arlington Cemetery


Father’s day this year was spent at Arlington National Cemetery. I've been in Washington, DC for just over 10 years and have never gone to visit this site or quite a few others. I need to play tourist more often. I snapped a few shots and immediately had HDR in mind to document the day. After finding the plot we came to visit I took a few mobile photos and looked for an angle to not only pay respect to the lost family member but also to bring some fresh perspective to create a memory. There is so much history at the National Cemetery I have to return and hopefully before they do the wreaths to be prepared for some emotional moments. These are my first HDR photos.

For the relevant photos, a thank you to the soldiers that gave their service to our country and their families resting in such a beautiful space.

Ciroc The Bull


Celebrity Photography Emmy Rossum Starring in Shameless


I had the opportunity to snap Emmy Rossum on the red carpet for the grand opening of W Hotel Washington DC in 2010. The out take photos were reserved for a personal gallery while the best photos were sent to a media outlet in Los Angeles. Relevant timing to share a shot as Emmy Rossum is starring in a new Showtime series, "Shameless," which airs January 9, 2011 at 10pm ET/PT. On Jimmy Fallon she admits, "I wasn't the first choice for this show." She has a busy resume with movies and music!

Video Sneak Peak of the show, “Shameless,” VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED.

Happy New Year From Nakeva Photography


A new year and new decade. Time for new photo opportunities, meeting new people and growing the world of photography not just for me, rather for the industry as a whole. I have learned a great amount of skills in the last few years and glad I stepped forward to venture into photography full time! Thank you to all the friends, family, clients and nonprofits for providing feedback and opportunities for growth.

What's in store for 2011? Projects that challenge me! Event photography is the staple of what I have been doing the last two years. Its a phenomenal experience snapping shots of business events, tech events, nonprofit fundraisers, social media events and the nightlife scene. Its time for the artistic side to shine through a little more and not become a slave to one area of photography. Fashion, food and commercial photography are what I look to add to my portfolio this year. This means work ahead and finding the satisfaction in the "yes, we want to work with you" AND the "no, sorry kid, you need ten more years experience." I'm going for it!

What I need from you? Feedback! A photo of a car is boring unless you make it interesting. A photo of a model is just another photo unless the model gives some personality and the photographer gives direction. Sharing a photo and the work is nothing more than self promotion if the people its shared with simply view or lurk without feedback. Let's get this growth and fun going together!

How do we start? A little something coming your way to kick off 2011, from me to you! In the meantime, tell me some things you like about photographers and what is your ideal,  BEST EVER photo.

Photo Credit:  Josiah Lau Photography, Flickr Creative Commons

The Gift


Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy Friday! The season of gifts, giving, sharing and spending time with people you care about all wrapped up in life's bow. Thank you for being in my circle and sharing in this journey. Best wishes to you and yours this season!

Lunar Eclipse Night Photography


The Lunar Eclipse was amazing! The fact that this phase occurred during the day of Winter Solstice has not happened since the year 1638 made it all worth the freezing cold, wind and clouds. This was another lesson in night and distance photography and I used the gear I had to get in a few shots. Tripod and 3 layers of clothing were my friends! The blanket of clouds that made their way across the view? Friends, not so much! Note to self: fingertips freeze first and will cause some degree of camera shake.

A moment of reflection after processing the whole experience:
The beauty of the earth and all that is natural is like no other mental high man can reproduce. Our little cameras and creative ideas to capture these moments are only a small piece of a larger canvas. When the clouds rolled into the view and blocked my ability to get a clear shot, my thoughts grasped an idea. Things of beauty are always visible. Although things get clouded and seem difficult to reach, the beauty and magic are still in the same place. If you wait with faith, you will see what you are looking for and it will make the difference. If you give up at the slightest hint of obscurity, you lose the momentum of the natural flow of finding your edge of the best.

These are not prize winning photos or anything to sneeze at for NASA. These are my little pieces of life's magic. Enjoy the photos below.

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