Photographer From Cubicle 9.5 to Entrepreneur 24.7

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Making the move to fulltime photographer and entrepreneur is amazing and by no means an easy task.  When you follow your passion and believe in your skills there are always many things to learn. One of the lessons involves learning to place a higher value on my time and how many shutter snaps  is too many for freelance freebies. Gathering information on current clients and aiming to land new clients is somewhat fun to me. I find out how diverse my friends and contacts are and see how I could be of benefit now that I have more time to spend on being creative. The downside is these current contacts and friends have an expectation of favors which usually don't feed the kids or pay the rent. Making selective decisions to help others, assist nonprofits and crank out awesome paid work is a balancing act. Having friends in the photography arena helps keep the fire burning when I think I'm going through the transition alone or wondering if what my images offer is really that different. My good friend Patrick reminded me there is more than one way to make things happen, photography or any other business idea. After all, I am an entrepreneur working in the right-side of the brain!

I was given an opportunity to share the journey from a day job to the world of 100% self-employed. Photography is now one of my main businesses as I also do social media and PR. Check it out at D. Allison Lee's Organize To Revitalize. Deb has the cool job of being a professional organizer and offers tips on staying organized for business, home life and shares tools to help you accomplish your goals.

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