Amazing Videos With New Pro Plans From @Animoto

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Animoto is giving photographers and other creative minds a few new styles in video and pro pricing plan! Photography is an art form and a business that thrives on creativity. An image can convey so many different emotions, ideas, bold statements and sell products. Animoto allows the photographer to import images, video clips add text and music to produce a professional quality video that sizzle for a client! Now they have added an additional tier to their Pro plan with a choice of either $249 per year or $39 per month.

A few options you get with Animoto Pro:
  • Unique Videos
  • Music selection from various genres, legal use
  • Hi- resolution video options
  • Unbranded page to show clients
  • Call To Action button to assist with sales
  • Download video in web or Hi-Res
  • Social Sharing including upload toYouTube/SmugMug
  • Set of different themes to use in your video
  • iPhone app
I have used Animoto to create some videos for clients under the All-Access pass. Lets just say friends, family, clients and potential clients were amazed and excited by the videos. Its worth the investment for any competitive photographer! Check out what The Professional Photographers of America had to say and see why this service is an investment rather than a bloated social tool.  Animoto can make video creation less time consuming and a great marketing tool. The few drawbacks I have experienced include integration with Facebook using videos you have created on the site. You would need to download the video and upload to Facebook in a separate action. I also noticed there seems to be some loss of quality when adding the video to YouTube, however, with the hi-res video option you have a better chance at less blurred or grainy viewing. Overall, I think Animoto is an excellent photo tool to add to the photographer's toolbox.

Here is an example video created on Animoto under the PRO account. The client, Becky Lee, manages the nonprofit Becky's Fund and helps victims of domestic violence. The organization also works in the Washington DC area communities with the youth and all ages to promote domestic violence awareness and establish healthy relationships. The July 3rd baseball game between Washington Nationals and New York Mets was just one example of Becky's Fund activities and perfect for a video memory!


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