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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A new year and new decade. Time for new photo opportunities, meeting new people and growing the world of photography not just for me, rather for the industry as a whole. I have learned a great amount of skills in the last few years and glad I stepped forward to venture into photography full time! Thank you to all the friends, family, clients and nonprofits for providing feedback and opportunities for growth.

What's in store for 2011? Projects that challenge me! Event photography is the staple of what I have been doing the last two years. Its a phenomenal experience snapping shots of business events, tech events, nonprofit fundraisers, social media events and the nightlife scene. Its time for the artistic side to shine through a little more and not become a slave to one area of photography. Fashion, food and commercial photography are what I look to add to my portfolio this year. This means work ahead and finding the satisfaction in the "yes, we want to work with you" AND the "no, sorry kid, you need ten more years experience." I'm going for it!

What I need from you? Feedback! A photo of a car is boring unless you make it interesting. A photo of a model is just another photo unless the model gives some personality and the photographer gives direction. Sharing a photo and the work is nothing more than self promotion if the people its shared with simply view or lurk without feedback. Let's get this growth and fun going together!

How do we start? A little something coming your way to kick off 2011, from me to you! In the meantime, tell me some things you like about photographers and what is your ideal,  BEST EVER photo.

Photo Credit:  Josiah Lau Photography, Flickr Creative Commons


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